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What Does DM Mean? 

By Elisha Baba


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You’re on Facebook when you see someone use the acronym DM, and you aren’t sure what they mean by it. DM is an acronym commonly used on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (X).

What Does DM Mean? 

What does DM mean?

DM is an acronym for the words “direct message,” and it is used when someone wants those commenting on their post to contact them directly via a message. Direct messages are more private than posting and can allow the poster to have a more in-depth conversation with the commentor.

How to use DM

  • “Selling my car, DM if you are interested.”
  • “Want to buy my old clothes? DM me.”
  • “Check your messages, I sent a DM.”
  • “DM me for details.”
  • “DM please, I don’t want to post details here.”
  • DM is used when someone wants to move a conversation or topic to a private message associated with the platform.

Using DM the right way

DM is fairly easy to use, as you can put it anywhere in a sentence. It can be used when you want someone to message you privately or when you want to go more in-depth about a topic.

Just be prepared when you use it to check your messages shortly after!

DM Variations

DM doesn’t have any direct variations, however, PM, an acronym for “private message,” can be used in its place. PM and DM apply to any online platform that has a messaging feature. DM is more common than PM.

Should you worry about your child using DM?

DM is considered a harmless acronym, but you will want to make sure that anyone your child is DMing (or that is DMing them) is someone you are okay with them talking to. You may also want to check that the conversations they are having via DM are appropriate for their age level.