Why You Should Date Your Spouse

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Why You Should Date Your Spouse

Recently my husband and I celebrated our twelve year anniversary together in Savannah, Georgia. Fortunately we had the opportunity to get away for the weekend without the children. It was so refreshing and very much needed. If you’ve been married a few years like we have, it’s easy to get bogged down into life and forget what it was like when everything was brand-new and exiting. But, if you really want your marriage to last a lifetime you have to find a way to put your marriage first. The order of operations for a working family is faith, marriage, the kids, the individuals, the pets, and then the job. But it can be very hard to keep that straight in the heat of living day to day. Time just seems to fly by and before you know it you haven’t said two words to your spouse in weeks.

Puts Your Marriage Top Priority

As mentioned your marriage is the center of the family and the reason your family exists. If you keep that foundation strong, your home will remain strong no matter what else is going on. Bad jobs, unruly kids, and other outside influences cannot stand up to a strong and loving marriage.

Helps You Fall In Love Again

When you spend time with your spouse outside of your normal work, mommy and daddy duties you can be just yourselves again. You can look at your spouse as an independent entity outside of everything else just like you did prior to having kids and before the mortgage.

It’s Fun

Even if you’re tired, getting dressed up for a date, and doing something fun and adult together is actually fun. You may actually not feel like doing it when you’re getting ready, but once you’re on the date you’re going to be very happy you did it. Let loose and have fun like you did when you were first dating. Seek to impress each other.  My husband and I recently went to a concert together here in Atlanta! It was the first concert in twenty five years for him and the first one we experienced together in our twelve years of marriage. We had such a blast and now talk of the next concert we plan to attend.

Gives You Adult Time to Plan, Talk & Laugh

On your date, you can plan your future, talk and laugh about funny things. Don’t make silly rules about not talking about the kids or work. The fact is, when you were dating you likely did talk about the things in your life that were stressful, today is no different. But do make a point of taking up the future, which is what you did when you were dating. Make fun plans and it will heighten your sense of adventure.

Someone Else Gets to Cook & Clean

No matter who has this duty at home, this is one of the benefits of going out. You can get waited on. Even if all you can afford to do is go to Wendy’s this is something you can do for yourselves. One tip: Go to a fancy place and share food. The point is to be together, even if you only order dessert. We shared a meal at a fine dining restaurant in Savannah. Surprisingly, it ended up just being the right amount and it made it special and fun.

It’s Cheaper than Counseling

Dating your spouse is a great replacement and cheaper alternative to therapy. Most counselors will tell you to date you spouse anyway. In fact, carry the dating idea over to the household too. Find ways to treat your spouse special every single day and you’ll see how much the love will bloom – this is true even if it’s one sided at first.

It’s The Best Investment for Your Future

Dating your spouse and treating your spouse as a lover first over a mommy or daddy is the very best investment you can make in your future together. Remember, someday your children will be grown and gone, you’ll be alone again and whether you’ll be lost or happy is all in your hands.

The fact is, dating your spouse can also lead to more intimate times. The more intimate you can be with your spouse, the more often, the better your relationship will be. It’s just a fact of nature and there is science to back that up.

Do you go on dates with your spouse?


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  1. Sarah Hayes says


    these are all great reasons to date your spouse. the last one is especially important. thanks for sharing!

  2. Jayme Bruce says


    I wish we did more!! We have young kids so it’s hard to find childcare and get out, and my husbands work schedule is crazy! But we are working toward setting time aside every month for at least one date night!! Thanks for sharing your reasons it’s so important

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