High Hampton Inn – An Unplugged Weekend With The Family

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High Hampton Inn – An Unplugged Weekend With The Family

Back to basics is the name of the game of High Hampton Inn. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Hampton Inn is squarely focused on a peeled back family experience that emphasizes togetherness and the beauty of nature rather than video games and smart devices.

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Back to basics is the name of the game at High Hampton Inn. With no TV and little WiFi, unplugging and getting back to basics is required and wonderful. #NorthCarolina #HighHamptonInn #UnpluggedWeekend

We spent the weekend there, and we had a wonderful time getting back to basics. I want to thank High Hampton Inn for hosting my family but as always, my thoughts are my own.

Back to Basics for the Weekend

High Hampton Inn is old school, and I mean that in the most fantastic way possible. There are no televisions in the rooms and WiFi is spotty at best. So it’s virtually impossible to take a family trip to this beautiful area and NOT enjoy it. It’s next to impossible for grownups to be glued to work emails and there’s no way the kids are going to be able to play on their phones. It’s a lack of technology at its best!

Back to basics is the name of the game at High Hampton Inn. With no TV and little WiFi, unplugging and getting back to basics is required and wonderful. #NorthCarolina #HighHamptonInn #UnpluggedWeekend

This rustic getaway is as all-inclusive. Everything is rolled in, including the room, private bathroom, and all three meals. It’s like an all-inclusive trip back to simple days before cell phones and televisions and the internet where anyone and everyone can and does judge. It’s heavenly.

Accommodations at High Hampton Inn

Let’s start with the rooms. They are gorgeous. They’re rustic, to be sure, but that’s the whole point of this place. You won’t find sleek lines and modern sensibilities here. Rather, you’ll be greeted by real wood paneled walls, rustic wood beds complete with thick mattresses, and an overall feel of age. Good age. When you walk into these rooms you can feel the history.

Our particular cabin did not have air conditioning, but it did have fans. We were there fairly early into the season, so it wasn’t an issue for us. All rooms do have heat, so High Hampton Inn makes a great getaway in the cooler Fall months as well. The view outside our cabin was absolutely breathtaking! The red rockers on our deck were perfect.

Dining at High Hampton Inn

The food is just as back to basics as the accommodations and the vibe of High Hampton. All three meals are buffet style with an absolute ton of choices. High Hampton Inn specializes in good old-fashioned southern food, designed to give you all the comfort food feels.

The buffet features all the favorite southern go to’s like macaroni and cheese, squash casserole, and fried chicken. They also have more cakes, pies, and cobblers than you can shake a southern stick at. Each morning for breakfast, they offered freshly prepared omelets as well as buffet.

We ate our fill at every meal (and then some). I think we all gained about five pounds over the weekend, but hey. It’s not like we were going to an exercise boot camp. We went there to enjoy nature, southern hospitality, and all the delicious southern food we could eat! 😉

Activities at High Hampton Inn

The available activities at High Hampton Inn are just as much about getting back to basics as everything else about the place. We took advantage of their kayaking and canoeing – in addition to doing nothing at all. The area is so beautiful that every second was like being smack in the middle of an episode of Nova or NatGEO.

Kayaking and canoeing are just the tip of the back to basics iceberg. Their huge lake also offers swimming, fishing, motor-less boating and more.

There are trails available for hiking that take visitors around the lake or up into the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding the inn. In addition, they also offer fly fishing classes, kids club, hayride, horse racing, and even spin classes at the spa if you want to get in a little cardio on your trip.

Waterfalls Nearby

On our way home from High Hampton Inn, we took a little side trip to see some of the falls in the area. Dry Falls, Silver Run Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls were all on the agenda, and they were all absolutely beautiful. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping by to take in the beauty.

Back to Basics at High Hampton Inn

What can I say about our trip to High Hampton Inn except it was the best weekend getaway ever! In those three days, I saw my children’s faces more than I had in the week prior. Everything about High Hampton Inn is geared towards quality family time.

With no television, practically no WiFi, and no end to the beauty of nature all around, High Hampton Inn is back to basics in the best way possible.

We had a wonderful time bonding as a family over great food, great activities, and just doing nothing. Check out High Hampton Inn for yourself. It’s an amazing family getaway.

Again, I want to thank High Hampton Inn for hosting my family but as always, my thoughts are my own.

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