Impress Your Guests With These Easy Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

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Impress Your Guests With These Easy Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

When the summer months arrive, it’s no secret that outdoor entertaining is on everyone’s mind. Summertime means the days are longer and the nights are cooler and it’s the perfect time to spend with your friends and family, enjoying each other and their company. While outdoor entertaining may be an avenue that you want to explore doing more of, you may feel as though you aren’t quite there yet when it comes to bringing it all together to host. Have no fear…we have your top tips for outdoor entertaining. This post is sponsored by but all opinions are our own.

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Have snacks waiting for your guests upon arrival

Hosting an outdoor party or BBQ means that your guests are going to arrive hungry in anticipation for some delicious food. Instead of making them wait for the main course, have some snacks and beverages handy and ready for them from the moment that they arrive.

An awesome snack to have waiting for your guests are Popchips. With a variety of different flavors, you can’t go wrong by having a few bags for them to snack on. The great part about Popchips? They are a healthy snack! Never fried and only made with real ingredients are two big reasons that you and your guests will love them!

popchips snack, snacks for outdoor BBQ

Create a Drink Station With Southern Breeze Sweet Tea

Living in the South means that it’s an absolute must for our beverage of choice to be sweet tea.  Southern Breeze Sweet Tea, to be exact.  It’s got great flavor and guess what? The sweetener is already included in the tea bags! It’s literally just brewed and serve, simple as that. Plus, it has zero calories, no sugar and is essentially guilt-free.

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea comes in four different flavors (original, peach, raspberry, half lemonade/half tea) and can also be made in less than 5-minutes! Talk about the perfect beverage to have at your outdoor gathering! Plus see how to get free shipping on your first order!

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Grill up some delicious meats for the main dish

Get that grill ready to prepare some amazing hamburgers for your guests. Being a good host is important but being a good host that can grill well is even more important!

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A super simple way to get some great meat delivered fresh and ready to your door for your summer grilling is to order from Fareway Meat Market. They offer meat bundles with a variety of products and are free of any additives. If you order online, make certain to enter the word meatlover to receive $20 off your first order!

fareway meat market online meat delivery

Grilling up some hamburgers or other meat items for your guest is a great way to be an awesome host!

How to make juicy hamburgers

Relax and have fun! 

Last but not least, have fun entertaining. No one wants an uptight host and someone who is busy the whole time that they are there. Instead, spend your time with your friends and family and enjoy their company!

Just by following these simple tips, you’ll feel at ease and have a blast hosting your first outdoor party! After just one outdoor event, you’ll start booking your calendar to host many, many more!


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    Not only snacks are ideal for outdoor entertainment, it’s also important that you have a clean and well-maintained landscape. It helps set the mood and keep everyone comfortable.

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