9 Favorite Things To Do With Kids in Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Things to do in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Though Wisconsinites are known for being cheeseheads, there are other things to do in Green Bay, WI that make this a great vacation for families. Of course, you’ll want to tour the famed Lambeau Field and Packers Hall of Fame, but enjoy some of the outdoor recreation options and food too!

1. Lambeau Field Stadium Tour in the heart of Green Bay

If there’s one thing you’ll notice when you get to Green Bay, it’s how devoted they are to their Packers. But it isn’t just the residents, visitors come from all over to tour the famed Lambeau field, celebrating 100 years this year.

Our tour began with a short walk from the atrium to the suites. An obligatory selfie is necessary, because when will you ever get to set foot in suites that cost a $100,000 annually to lease?

But the real excitement was getting to see the field up close up. You kids will love the part leading up to the field though. Why? You’ll be walking through the same spots the players walk through as they enter the field. Don’t clue in your kids as it will spoil the surprise but as you are getting close to the field the gate goes up and speakers play the sounds of cheering fans as you and your family walk onto the field!

Green Bay packers hall of fame is a must for any football enthusiast

Trivia – The packers are the only publicly traded team. You cannot sell your shares but can bequeath them to family.

Ticket prices for the tour range from $9 – $15 and last about an hour. Tour guides are very knowledgeable about the Packers and stadium history and are ready to answer all questions.

2. Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame 

Whether or not you love football is beside the point when touring the Packers Hall of Fame. Why? There are so many interactive spots that kids will love. Compare your hand and foot size to legendary football greats, sit a replica desk from Vince Lombardi, listen to clips from previous games, and be sure to shop the gift shop, with a cheesehead display.

You and your kids will marvel at the mounted uniforms and how they’ve changed over the last century. Packers Hall of Fame website 

Explore Tittletown in Green Bay after the Packers Hall of Fame

3. Walk around Titletown (next to Lambeau Field in Green Bay) 

Located just steps away from Lambeau Field, is a mixed-use development called Titletown. There are fun events for families year-round plus dining and shopping too. Titletown has acres of park space with activities that include ice skating rink and tubing hill in the winter to concerts, green space and unique playgrounds in the warmer months. During our visit, there were vendors galore with all kinds of goodies and crafty items for sale.

4. Visit Green Bay’s beautiful Botanical gardens 

These gardens aren’t just for adults with kid friendly areas all around. Kids will enjoy the interactive exhibits and play areas while learning about nature. The entire family will love the Butterfly Garden. Protip: wear a colorful flowery shirt or dress and you’ll have the butterflies lighting on you for a great photo op. Green Bay Botanical Gardens website

5. Bay Beach Amusement Park 

The cost of amusement parks these days is outrageous, wouldn’t you agree? Well, what if I told you there was a place you could go where all the rides were a quarter? It exists in the greater Green Bay area at Bay Beach Amusement Park. The amusement park features all the rides to make sure you kids are tuckered out after a long day of action-packed adventure. No admission price either.

Older kids (10 and up) seeking thrills will love the Zippin Pippin a heart-pounding roller coaster. It’s one of the oldest wooden roller coasters and has been relocated from its original home in Memphis to Green Bay. Younger kids will enjoy the train, merry go round, and swings. Bay Beach Amusement Park website 

6. Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary 

Located across the street from the Bay Beach amusement park is a beautiful wildlife sanctuary, the largest park in Green Bay. There are 600 acres featuring live animal exhibits, educational displays, and hiking trails. and during hikes you’ll have the chance to see many different kinds of wildlife.

This sanctuary is home for more than 4,500 orphaned and injured animals.

Kids will love feeding the many animals. Bags of food are just $1 each.

7. NEW Zoo Feed Giraffes 

Get back to nature at the NEW Zoo. No, the zoo isn’t new, it’s the NorthEast Wisconsin Zoo. Though this zoo isn’t huge, there are 3 things you have to do:

Kids will love the adventure park with zip lines at the NEW Zoo

  • Feed the giraffes. Get there early as the lines are long. Houdari (the male) really does like all the attention, but don’t forget about his shy sister.

Feed the giraffes at the Green Bay zoo with your kids

  • Pet the Aldabra Tortoise. These tortoises, from the Seychelles, live to be about 120 years old. You may be able to pet resident Tortoise, Tutti.
  • Zipline! Yep, this zoo has an adventure area built into it. You can not only zip line, but there’s a ropes course and rock climbing wall too!

Food – what’s Wisconsin known for?

Sure, Wisconsin is known for being a cheese head state. They do love their Packers. And, yes, most menus do have cheese curds on them. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a deep-fried cheese curds, but there’s more to Wisconsin then just cheese.

8. Head to Kroll for traditional Booyah 

Booyah is a traditional stew, believed to have Belgian origins. The thick stew was made to serve large crowds and began being served at church picnics. But it is a staple in Wisconsin, as the hearty stew has a bit of a kick that helps to keep them warm during the harsh winters.

Visit Kroll, in Green Bay to sample Booyah. But as this restaurant is located across the street from Lambeau field, expect it to be full on game days. For expedited service, tables are equipped with buttons to help flag your server.

9. Uncle Mike’s Kringles (voted best dessert in Wisconsin) 

Uncle Mike's Kringles in Green Bay Wisconsin

What exactly is a Kringle? With Scandanavian roots, a Kringle is a huge pretzel that can be sweet or savory. We recommend sweet, stuffed with a glorious filling. These can include cream cheese, berries, almost cream, and the list goes one. The establishment has won numerous awards for their desserts, and it a Green Bay area favorite of families. Uncle Mike’s website 

Green Bay residents don’t shy away from the cold, but if you aren’t used to very cold temps, it may be best to limit your visit to late spring to early fall.


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