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Instant Pot

Instant Pot Dinners, Side Dishes, Desserts & more!

As a busy mom, I need instant pot recipes to help me get dinner on the table for my family.  Instant Pot Meals are my favorite. If you think the crock pot is the #1 must-have kitchen appliance, try an instant pot and you’ll see which appliance ends up in your cabinet collecting dust.

Every recipe has a step by step instructions with ingredients. These pictures shared illustrate what your food will look like when dinner is done.

Check out these delicious Instant Pot Recipes. I have included a list of my Instant Pot Dinners, Instant Pot Side Dishes, Instant Pot Desserts, and Instant Pot Breakfasts. All of them are perfect for a weeknight, morning, or weekend. The instant pot makes everything quick and easy.