5 Tips To Hosting A Holiday Party Without The Hassle

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5 Tips To Hosting A Holiday Party Without The Hassle

Have you recently made the decision to host a holiday party this year? Hosting a party or the family holiday get together can be amazing but crazy all at once. The greatest part of my time is spent preparing for holiday gatherings. It is such a joy having friends and family over. However, wow, where is that extra time going to come from in order to accomplish that unique party without any hassles? This year with the help of Cracker Barrel, I have a few ways I’m making things a little easier on myself and I think these five tips to hosting a holiday party without the hassle will help you too! This is a sponsored post in partnership with Cracker Barrel and all opinions are my own.

1. Start early

Contrary to popular belief, it’s ok to start planning next year’s party right after the holidays are over. By planning and shopping early, you will find that you have a better chance of getting what you want. It also gives you plenty of time to make your dream holiday gathering come true without having to rush to fit it all in last minute.

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2. Don’t be afraid to let others help

It can be easy to want to handle it all or feel like you’re burdening someone if you ask for help. Most people want to be involved and help with the holiday party. Put the feelers out there and let them come to you. This way, you won’t have to ask directly because they are volunteering. You may want to think about turning your holiday planning and decorating into a fun-filled family event. Afterall, the holidays are about spending time with the family.

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3. Let your children help you decorate

Your first impulse may be to decorate your home on your own, but you may want to think about letting your children help you too. Decorating for Christmas or any holiday as a family is one of the best ways to spending well-needed bonding time together. Your children will likely enjoy the experience, especially if they are younger. You can add extra excitement to this holiday planning by having your children help you make homemade holiday decorations.

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4. Decorate in a unique way

Traditional holiday décor is gorgeous but it can be accented in a plethora of ways to make it unique and to save time. This year, I’m using Cracker Barrel’s exclusive dinnerware. I literally don’t have to add anything to the plate sets except food, they’re that pretty. Add a couple of traditional pieces of décor to the table, the dinnerware, and that’s that. Plus, these plates I chose will standout because they’re unique when it comes to holiday décor but they’re the perfect colors! They are so versatile and will work great throughout the year. I guarantee they’ll be a talking point more than once.

5. Save Time & Shop Cracker Barrel’s Online Store

With Christmas right around the corner, time is scarce and that’s not necessarily a bad thing!  I absolutely adore everything about Christmas, however, I know I’m not the only one that struggles to fit in all they dream for the holidays. That’s why I love the convenience of Cracker Barrel’s online store.  The biggest advantage to buying the necessities for your holiday party online is all the plateware and decor that Cracker Barrel has available. My main holiday dinnerware pieces came from Cracker Barrel. You can save yourself a fairly large amount of time by finding and buying everything you need, instead of having to drive around to multiple retail stores and fighting with traffic.

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