Family Fun is Easy to Find in Las Vegas

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Family Fun is Easy to Find in Las Vegas

Vegas with kids is not an out of the question concept. Of course, when most people think of Las Vegas, they think it is a place for adults-only, but Vegas is actually quiet family friendly if you know where to look. I put together a few places that make Las Vegas with kids not only doable but super fun. Take a look, and you’ll soon see why Vegas is more than just something you keep on the DL.

Las Vegas with Kids

All of these Las Vegas sights are wonderful ways to spend time together as a family in Vegas, and they all help make for wonderful family memories. In fact, you’ll soon see that Vegas is actually a wonderful way to enjoy a great family vacation.

See Blue Man Group Las Vegas

I cannot say enough about Blue Man Group. It’s an amazing sensory experience that the entire family will love, and it’s a must see on any trip to Las Vegas with kids. From rhythmic drumming to vibrant lights, Blue Man Group is a symphony of kinetic and auditory energy that should not be missed.

Grand Canyon with Detours of Nevada

Of course, I have to mention seeing the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas with Detours of Nevada. Its a day long affair that gives you a guided tour of the Grand Canyon as well as surrounding sites and even a delicious lunch. We recently used them for the first time, but we will be making a return trip. These guys know how to do it right!

See the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

No trip to Las Vegas with kids would be complete without visiting the iconic sign. Erected around 1959 by Western Neon, the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign was designed by Betty Willis at the request of local salesman, Ted Rogich. An interesting factoid about this sign is that it, like most of the Vegas strip is actually located in the town of Paradise which is about 4 miles south of actual Las Vegas. Currently, the sign sits on a the State Register of Historic Places.

Titanic Artifact Exhibit at Luxor

Whether you’re a history buff or a fan of the iconic chick flick (as my husband calls it), a stop at the Titanic Artifact Exhibit is a must. It’s a great way to get some culture into your trip to Las Vegas with kids, and it’s also a great way to keep them occupied. This 25,000 square foot exhibit has enough history to fill several books on the subject. Visitors can see a full recreation of the ship’s grand staircase as well as the attire of the era, and they can even experience the frigid temperatures of that cold night and see a massive piece of the actual ship!

Bodies The Exhibition

While visiting Las Vegas with kids, head to the Luxor to take in Bodies… The Exhibition. The exhibition is educational and exciting for kids and adults, alike, showcasing 13 whole-body specimens, as well as over 260 organs and partial body specimens. Visitors can get a view of the human body’s skeletal, muscular, respiratory, and circulatory system that they can’t get anywhere else. It’s an amazing experience.

Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix

You will score big time parenting brownie points if you take the kids to Mini Grand Prix. Featuring Go-Karts, rides, arcade area, food, and more, families can make Mini Grand Prix and all day affair if they like – and it will be if the kids have anything to say about it. Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix is basically a mini amusement park that any kid will love.

Cirque De Soleil Las Vegas

Fill a trip to Las Vegas with kids with wonder at a Cirque De Soleil show. Using vibrant colors and music and the amazing abilities of the human body, Cirque De Soleil makes for an evening of amazing family-friendly fun that the kids will be glued to the entire time.

Children’s Discovery Museum

Make learning fun and family-friendly at the Children’s Discovery Museum in Vegas. Opened in 2013, this children’s museum is 58,000 square feet of child-friendly, easily accessible, hands-on learning. It features great educational exhibits like:

  • The Summit – 3 stories of interactive fun
  • Fantasy Festival – Learning about drama
  • Eco City – Learning about sustainability and the environment
  • Patents Pending – For scientists and inventors
  • Toddler Town – Even the littles can have a ball
  • Water World – Discover the power and movement of H2O
  • Solve It! Mystery Town – Critical thinking for young minds
  • Young at Art – Kids let their imaginations run wild
  • It’s Your Choice – Helping kids learn about living a healthy lifestyle

Elvis All Shook Up Show

No trip to Las Vegas would be complete without taking in an Elvis All Shook Up show. The King of Rock and Roll was also the Kind of Vegas, and his music is immediately recognizable to adults and kids. It’s a great, family-friendly show to take in when visiting Las Vegas with Kids, that’s full of wonderful music and energy.

Family Fun is Easy to Find in Las Vegas

A family trip to Vegas is actually totally doable. With so many family-friendly activities to do together as a family, Las Vegas with kids is not only possible, it’s recommended. So the next time you’re looking for a family vacation destination, consider Las Vegas with kids.

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*Disclosure- I received complimentary visits to some of the destinations listed above; however, all opinions are 100% my own.


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