Experiencing the Grand Canyon with Detours of Nevada

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Experiencing the Grand Canyon with Detours of Nevada

Detours of Nevada helped make our recent trip to Las Vegas a truly memorable experience. Why would we need to make a trip to Vegas memorable, you ask? Well, it’s because we don’t gamble, and we’re not big partiers – two of the things that Las Vegas is known for. You may also want to read my Vegas Trip Without Kids article. We were actually there for business, but we wanted to do something special for the trip. That’s how we ended up getting in touch with Detours of Nevada. I was provided complimentary accommodations to help facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

A visit to the grand canyon with detours of nevada

Detouring to Beauty with Detours of Nevada

Since we wanted our Vegas trip to be a memory to last a lifetime, we decided to see a sight that we’d never forget – the Grand Canyon. It’s one of the most iconic natural wonders of the world, and we thought, “Heck. We’re right here. Let’s do it!”

A visit to the grand canyon with detours of nevada

So we did. We used Detours of Nevada to take a day trip to the Grand Canyon and enjoy the majestic beauty that you can really only find out there in natures. From the very beginning, I knew it was going to be a good trip.

detours of nevada grand canyon tour


The company picked us up at our hotel in a nice privacy van, so we didn’t have to worry about driving or finding parking in an unfamiliar area. That’s always nice. Who wants to start out an amazing adventure with the nerves and frustration of navigating a place you’ve never been?

detours of nevada grand canyon tour


The Big Show

When we arrived, we chose to do the Grand Canyon West Rim Tour. This included a stop at both Eagle Point and Guano Point. It was absolutely amazing. Everyone knows intellectually that the Grand Canyon is massive, but you really can’t appreciate it until you’re there. You guys, it is massive! We chose the SkyWalk add-on for an extra $22 per person, which allowed us to walk out OVER the Grand Canyon on a massive glass deck. My husband and I actually got to look down into the canyon itself, and it was so surreal.


A couple of things to note is that cameras and cell phones aren’t allowed because no pictures are allowed. You’ll need to purchase photos taken of you. They start around $16 each or $66 for a digital package. In addition, you have to wear booties, which I assume is to keep the glass safe. Overall, it’s worth the money for the experience!

SkyWalk in Arizona

There’s also a helicopter experience which you can choose, but we opted for the SkyWalk instead. Another couple with us decided to do the helicopter tour, and they said it was equally as amazing as the SkyWalk, so you really can’t lose.

Also included in the tour was a very nice lunch at Hualapai Ranch. This was an excellent touch by Detours of Nevada to help make the day a little cozier. It helped to slow down the pace of the day and made us feel less like tourists on a schedule and more like people who had forever to be there and experience everything. That’s important to me because there’s nothing worse than feeling rushed. It makes the entire trip so stressful!

Before heading back, we stopped to admire the Joshua trees, the majestic Mojave Desert, and the Hoover Dam.

Joshua Trees in Arizona

Joshua Trees in Arizona, Family Fun Vacation


All in all, it was an amazing experience. What was initially a plan to go see the Grand Canyon turned into quite the tour of the area!Hoover Dam on the Border of Nevada and Arizona

Take the Road Less Traveled with Detours of Nevada

I wholeheartedly recommend Detours: Tours of the American West to anyone who is considering seeing the wonder of nature’s beauty in the Arizona or Nevada area. Their staff is incredibly nice and eager to help, and the company itself does so much more than just rush you through a tour. It’s an excellent experience that really gives you time to enjoy what you’re seeing. I love Detours of Nevada, and I will definitely use them again.

Grand Canyon Tour Bus with Detours of nevada,

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  1. Diana flores says


    I would live to do this one day

  2. Jodi B says


    I have only seen the Grand Canyon by air. I’ve flown over it so many times but yet I have to make a trip there. Your pictures are beautiful and I know you will remember it for a life time. Great pictures! I travel to Vegas every November maybe I’ll extend my trip and take in the Grand Canyon! Thank your for sharing the idea!

  3. Dana Rodriguez says


    Those are some beautiful photos. I would really love to visit one of these days!

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