Chevy Youth Baseball Clinics – An Educational and Rewarding Experience

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Chevy Youth Baseball Clinics – An Educational and Rewarding Experience

Hey Batter, Batter, Swing! Summertime is all about being active and finding ways to enjoy the outdoors. One way to have your children get engaged, active and possibly interested and learn more about the sport of baseball is to attend one of the many Chevy Youth Baseball clinics that are offered throughout the United States. It’s the perfect way to encourage activity, promote confidence and also educate your child on the importance of teamwork as well! I recently spent the day at the Chevy Youth Baseball Clinic at SunTrust Park with my daughter and grandsons and we had an absolute blast!

Chevy Youth Baseball Clinic – Encouraging and Supporting Kids All over the United States

The Chevy Youth Baseball Clinic is no stranger to empowering kids and giving them the knowledge, tools, and support that they need to flourish. Since starting in 2006, the baseball clinics across the US have helped over 6.7 million kids learn all about teamwork, sportsmanship, and the power of building up their own self-confidence. In fact, Chevy has held baseball clinics in 42 out of the 50 states! With each and every clinic that they sponsor, Chevy shows that they are committed to providing opportunities and knowledge to the youth of our nation.

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MLB Players are an active part of the Chevy Youth Baseball Clinics

One of the best aspects of the Chevy baseball clinics is the fact that there are several former MLB players that participate as well. They take the time to interact and engage with the youth and show an active interest in helping them to understand the logistics and strategy behind the game of baseball. It’s evident in how much that baseball means to them and their life, and they do an amazing job of sharing that excitement and passion with the youth in attendance.

As a matter of fact, during our time at the SunTrust Park, we got the opportunity to meet Johnny Estrada and Marquis Grissom to talk to them one-on-one during a portion of our time at the Chevy Youth Baseball Clinic. They were generous with their time, very kind and seemed to be genuinely excited to be there and helping to educate the kids. My three attendees were over the moon that they got to meet and talk to real-life former MLB players and receive autographs!

Chevy Youth Baseball Clinics – 100% Free

Not only does Chevy do a great job in sponsoring the clinics and ensuring that they are packed full of information and knowledge, but they also offer the youth to attend these baseball clinics 100% free. It’s a great way to introduce baseball to your child with no out-of-pocket cost. The clinics last for 1/2 day and your child will learn about the basic fundamentals in hitting, fielding, and pitching. If they’ve ever been intrigued to learn more about the sport of baseball, this clinic is a must. The fun and information that your child will receive from this clinic is truly priceless.


Chevy Sponsors Soccer Clinics for the Youth as well

While their baseball clinics may be the largest and most well-known clinics that they sponsor, Chevy does offer an amazing Soccer Youth Clinic as well. Since starting in 2010, Chevy has sponsored more than 680 soccer clinics throughout 21 different states. That’s a total of over 5.7 million kids that they’ve educated further about the skillset and the game of soccer.

If you feel that the Chevy Youth Baseball Clinic would be something that your child would enjoy, don’t delay in getting signed up! Registration is on a first come, first serve basis and the spots fill up quickly. Check out the full clinic schedule here and make certain to reserve your spot asap. It’s an experience that you and your child won’t want to miss!

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