Chappet: Introducing the Future of Playtime

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Chappet: Introducing the Future of Playtime

The best part of being a Grandmother is playing with my grandkids. Watching them grow up and learn to play has brought me so much joy. It doesn’t take long, after that first smile, before they are using playtime as communication. Playing together ignites their imagination and it’s a fun bonding activity for us. Technology has given parents and caregivers the opportunity to take playtime to a whole new level. It’s come such a long way since my kids were little ones. Now, you can give their stuffed animals a voice and, in a sense, bring them to life. I am excited to introduce you to the sponsor for this post ChappetAll opinions are my own.

Chappet is a device, disguised as a yellow button, that has become increasingly popular in Japan. It’s a two-inch speaker that’s controlled by an app on your smartphone. It attaches to your child’s stuffed animal and the app allows parents to code phrases, songs or stories that your child listens to. It allows parents or grandparents to interact with their children through their stuffed animals during creative playtime. You can sew Chappet directly onto the stuffed animal.

Chappet Review

Parents can record their own voice or use one of the 1,000 pre-recorded options and 20 pre-recorded songs and stories available on the app. It allows the child to respond, in conversation, to the toy and takes interaction to a whole new level. I love that your child can develop vital communication skills while having fun during playtime. It is also great for setting up reminders such as meal, snack, or nap times. It may be a wonderful tool especially for parents who are trying to potty train. It’s easy to control, through the app, and all of the options are at your fingertips. 

Unfortunately, I don’t get to spend time with my Grandkids daily. With everyone’s busy schedules and traveling, it can be hard to get together. I love that I can record me, reading our favorite bedtime story, so they can listen when I’m not available. That means I can be a part of their daily routine, even went I can’t be there physically.  

Chappet is perfect for parents that travel, military parents and families that want to bring a little more magic to playtime. Chappet will definitely bring out more giggles and smiles from your kids. It makes the perfect gift for parents and Grandparents of little ones. I have also included it in our Top 20+ Coolest  Gifts for Kids – 2017 Holiday Gift Guide this year. Give the gift of playtime and spark their imaginations with Chappet.

Where To Purchase Chappet

To learn more about Chappet, visit It is available for purchase exclusively on for $54.99. Download the free app from your smart device.

download the chappet app

Disclosure: The following is a sponsored post in partnership with Chappet. All opinions are my own.


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