Are you a Captain Marvel fan? Don’t Miss This Exclusive SteelBook!

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Captain Marvel Exclusive SteelBook

Not just anyone can save the planet and the entire human race, but the team from Captain Marvel is up for the task. While that’s amazing news in itself, the even better news for you is that the CAPTAIN MARVEL – Exclusive SteelBook is available to own right now at Best Buy! 

Adding this great SteelBook to your superhero collection is certainly going to be the best idea of the day! But hurry, these aren’t going to last long. They’re literally flying off the shelves! 

Captain Marvel Steel Book

Are you a Captain Marvel fan?

The Captain Marvel movie is a huge hit. If you’re anything like me, you were literally on the edge of your seats the entire movie. It’s such a great Marvel movie that I’m pumped to now be able to own this Steel Book of it as well!

What is a SteelBook from Best Buy?

Think of it as a DVD cover but tougher. (like superhero tough!) It’s not only a way to keep the DVD safe for transport and scratches, but it’s also created with custom artwork and designs on it as well. It’s a unique, one of a kind cover for your Captain Marvel movie. Plus, it’s a totally unique way to display it as well! 

Why I Love Captain Marvel

While I’m a fan of all Superhero movies, I’m a huge fan of Captain Marvel. Brie Larson knocks it out of the park with her acting ability and skills and I love that she’s such a strong role model for females. So many times we see the leading superheroes as men, but she was the star of the show!

Strong Female Leads Inspire Others

I’m a mom and I have two young daughters who are in that age of being influenced by all the surroundings going on constantly around them. Knowing that Captain Marvel shows that it’s possible for a female to be an awesome superhero is a great way to let my girls know that they can do anything that they put their minds to. 

This is just one of the reasons why we own this Captain Marvel Exclusive SteelBook from Best Buy!

Captain Marvel Exclusive SteelBook from Best Buy

Trust me on this…make the time to add ths exclusive SteelBook to your superhero collection. The artwork is beautiful and the movie is inspiring! 

Captain Marvel Steel Book Now available at Best Buy

Captain Marvel SteelBook Exclusively at Best Buy

But remember, the only place that you’re going to find this collectible Captain Marvel SteelBook is at Best Buy!

It’s sitting on the shelves and waiting for you today, but there’s no guarantee that there will be any left tomorrow! 

Right about now it’d be super helpful to have a flying superhero power, right? Don’t worry – just hop in your car and go! You’ll love adding this SteelBook to your at home Marvel movies! 

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