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Hi! I am Winona, a forty-something-year-old mom, wife, grandmother, college student, travel expert, foodie, and lifestyle blogger for

I’ve been happily married for fifteen years and my husband and I have four amazing children that we think the world of. Our home base is currently in Atlanta, Georgia and our hearts of full of southern pride.

I haven’t always been a full-time blogger and influencer. I graduated with a BA degree in Early Childhood Education in 2010 but made the decision to stay home and raise our children. For many of my stay at home years, I spent my days homeschooling our two youngest. Now that our daughters are both teenagers (ages 13 and 14), we felt it was best to send them back to public school, which has since allowed my focus to return to the blog full-time as well.

We also have two older children who are grown and we couldn’t be more proud of their paths that they’ve chosen in life. My oldest son currently serves our country in the Navy and my (step) daughter lives in Tennessee raising her five adorable boys.  To say my heart is full of love is an understatement!

This blog was created in late 2014 as a platform to share our passions of travel, family and our favorite southern recipes. Since then, it has evolved into a collection of articles that provide tips on family fun, family travel, healthy recipes, southern recipes, family-friendly recipes, parenting, co-parenting, new home buying, Atlanta events and entertainment, Disney, and restaurant reviews.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous well-known brands, CVBs, hotels, as well as Atlanta businesses to promote their products, services, and destinations. One of the highlights of 2018 was having the opportunity to walk the Disney Red Carpet and participate in a group interview with Disney cast from Winnie the Pooh!  That was a dream come true and an absolute honor.

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I attended Disney's red carpet for Christopher Robin this week at the Walt Disney Studios Lot in Burbank, California. Having this opportunity was truly a dream come true. #DisneyPartner Beyond ecstatic were my emotions when finding out that I’d be walking a Disney red carpet for my very first time in LA. The feeling of being able to walk down the red carpet towards the memories of my childhood friend was such an incredible moment. Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin have a special place in my memories from when I was younger.  It was amazing to be surrounded by other adults who were having a wonderful time finding and remembering their inner child too! I can't wait to share all the details with you, a review of the movie and interviews with the cast. Movie arrives in theaters everywhere on August 3rd! Christopher Robin is such a heartwarming film for both young and old to enjoy. This movie will bring such joy and laughter into your lives, capturing your hearts. #christopherrobinevent #christopherrobinpremiere #ChristopherRobin #Disney #redcarpet #WinnieThePooh #disneyredcarpet #disneysmmc #disneyblogger #disneyfan #disneymom #disneymoments

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Our blog did begin with the name Southern Family Fun, however, we recently rebranded in 2018 to We are still 100% southerners and that will never change! (My husband, after all, has a beard and is from Tennessee!)  I have been a resident of Georgia for many, many years and love living here so I don’t see relocation in our future anytime soon. Our feet are happily planted on the Georgian soil for good. Since 95% of our readers are from various locations all over the United States (not just in the southern regions) and 5% are from Canada, we decided it was time for a name change to welcome everyone into our blogging universe!

One of our biggest passions is travel. If the opportunity were to present itself to travel the world full-time…I would be tempted!  2019 started off on a high note as I was recently featured and introduced on Atlanta & Company as being the “Travel Expert”. I did own a travel agency for 7+ years but now I only book for family, friends, and referrals.

In 2016, we were able to take our blog to consistent six-figure traffic. We have been ranked as the Top 10 Atlanta Parenting Blog, Top Disney Blogs, Top Atlanta Blog, and some of our recipes have even been featured on

With the success that I have had, I am highly sought after for coaching, helping with SEO, social media growth, and pitching. My success for our blog took a lot of hard work and dedication, and I’m happy to help other aspiring bloggers try to reach that same success.

In 2018, I helped co-found the Association of Bloggers with my business partner. We felt there was a lack of training and support for other bloggers and influencers like ourselves in the industry and we knew it needed to change.  The Association was created with the mission of clearly defining standards for bloggers and influencers as well as provide training and tools for success. This is another highlight of 2019 as word of mouth advertising and proven results are helping to grow this business venture as well.

If interested in working with me for sponsored collaboration, click here for more information. My media kit and rates are available upon request and I would love to talk about possible opportunities.  You can also email me at [email protected]

I look forward to chatting soon!

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